Mark Sainsbury: Change is coming, just deal with it

Mark Sainsbury: Change is coming, just deal with it

OPINION: Change is coming. That's the message from Thursday's annoncement by Winston Peters he will form a Government with Labour and the Greens. We will have a new Prime Minister, a new Government and a new direction. 

Opinions are divided with some people feeling the love, and others more in tune with the Australian paper that's headline reads: 'NZ shock: Losers take power'.

Well it's how you define losers. I guess the problem with the election result is that no one won outright. But that's what you can get with MMP - get with it. MMP has been here for 21 years if you don't like it, change it. 

To form a government you need mates, you need partners because the days of one party taking it out are over. Although the culling of some of the minor parties this time round might set us up for one party rule next time, but that's three years away.  Let's deal with now. 

So change is coming with fresh faces and fresh policies, the question is are they up to it? It's the question every new Government faces, and yes, the new Prime Minister is a woman.  And yes she is young and from a different party, but we need to just get on with it and see where this new direction takes us.  

Mark Sainsbury is RadioLIVE's Morning Talk host.