Mark Sainsbury: Fathers shouldn't be dad-shamed for parenting their kids

Fathers shouldn't be shamed when they parent their kids
Fathers shouldn't be shamed when they parent their kids Photo credit: Getty Images

OPINION: There's been an outcry across the Tasman over a dad being shamed out of using a shopping centre parents' room to change his son's nappy. 

It happened in Kawana Shopping World, in Queensland, when a mother using the room came over, called the dad a "sicko" and ordered him out. Fortunately another mum stepped in and defended his right to be there. She brought him back to finish the job and recovered the stuff he left behind after being monstered by someone who obviously only regards mums as parents. 

Parenthood should be about two people, two parents - but are dads considered real parents? 

Does this happen at other things dads might take their kids too? What about taking the kids swimming or to ballet lessons. If you do that as a dad do you get the look, the 'what are you doing here'? While mothers in the main carry the parenting burden there are many willing and able dads out there, do they not qualify as parents? It doesn't say mother's room on those parenting facilities. Does dad shaming happen here or are we a bit more sensible this side of the Tasman?

Mark Sainsbury is RadioLIVE's Morning Talk host.