Opinion: Coffee pods are the absolute worst

A pile of used coffee pods.
A pile of used coffee pods. Photo credit: Getty

OPINION: Coffee pods are the epitome of everything wrong with convenience culture. 

They take coffee and they suck out all that is wholesome and delicious and good.

They are expensive, terrible for the environment and they make bad coffee. They make a stale, watery cup that provides only the function of coffee without the delight. 

I get it. Pod-buyers are busy. But it's so sad that there's no time for a proper coffee. You deserve the time to make a coffee. You deserve the slither of pleasure that comes with it. This planet doesn't deserve to drown in pointless waste created in service of a bad coffee and a too-busy lifestyle.

A hot cup of coffee brings simple joy, and the ritual of making it is an important part of the experience.

Every morning, I gaze lovingly at the gentle mountain of freshly ground coffee heaped in the percolator. As it cooks, it wafts through the air, accompanying me on my morning routine.

When it's ready, it's just so good. It's rich, it's warm, and just a touch of milk gives it a welcoming roundness. It's just for me, made just how I like it.

We shouldn't live lives so chaotic these moments are forced out.

How did we get here? 

A simple stove-top coffee.
A simple stove-top coffee. Photo credit: Getty

Please, instead of spending at least $100 on a pod machine, essentially locking yourself into a subscription service that sends you dozens of tiny packages of coffee, get a stovetop or a coffee plunger. Don't spend your money on those expensive, wasteful, joyless pods.

What is the point of convenience when the price is joy, and the cost is a polluted planet? 

Anna Bracewell-Worrall is a Newshub political producer.