Cull the corrupt, cheating Aussie cricketers from the game

OPINION: It's not just the cheating son of a convict, Steve Smith, whose credibility is in tatters following the ball tampering debacle against South Africa. 

His entire bunch of cricketing inmates are as much guilty as the next guy. Their cricketing credibility is shot. Book a place in economy and send the team home to face the music. 

The premier cricket side on the planet should be banned from the sport for at least two years. 

And not just slippery Steve Smith, but the entire team, coach, manager and the rest are guilty as charged. This must hurt Australia and it must be seen to be hurting them. 

That no one put their hand up to say 'boys stop it', shows just how deep the cheating culture has got, not just in this team of imbeciles but in the wider game. 

The 1981 underarm incident pales in comparison. That was legal, this is underhand and illegal. 

Picture this: over lunch Steve and his band of boofheads decided to devise a hatch-it job and there the cheating began. Smith should be sent home and the tour cancelled. 

The young bloke he threw under the bus to do the tampering should be seriously censured and interviewed from a padded cell. 

Anything weaker suggests Cricket Australia has been overtaken by the players. 

Smith's career should be over, Warner too - the senior men have had a howler.

 These men are role models to kids, now they're the poster boys for cheating with a reaction so blasé it brings the very game into disrepute. 

Steve Smith should retire to a cattle farm in the sticks and Warner sent to the outhouse. There's no excuse for this. This is the game at the highest level. What would the kids say? 

This isn't just a bowler meddling with the leather - oh no - this is a premeditated, pre-planned all-out  attack on the game itself.

Australia's players need their collective heads read as the world attempts to find one answer amongst the lies. 

The coach should go too. But the worst crime? Doing this in front of the world's media and live cameras was just thick. 

Australia had a brain explosion, and we're still searching for the brain matter - it went missing during and after the test. 

The baggy green is now the saggy green. 

On a sliding scale of scumbags  the Aussies are off the charts. 

Send a message to our young boys and girls - cheating is never ok, then parade these losers in front of the world so we can all see what a real conga line of cheating suck holes looks like. 

Shame on you Steve - but you ain't seen nothing yet. 

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show