Kanoa Lloyd: NZ Cricket must explain its silence on Scott Kuggeleijn rape accusations

OPINION: New Zealand cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn was found not guilty of rape in 2017.

Just over a week ago, he made headlines in the Black Caps' T20 win over Sri Lanka.

But where were the headlines about how NZ Cricket met Scott's allegations head on? We never saw those.

Perhaps they hoped that if they closed their eyes to his past, the rest of us would as well. And who can blame them? This method of ignoring and protecting has worked.

Hollywood got away with it, the Catholic Church got away with it - but times have changed, and staying silent just isn't good enough anymore.

Last year, two Irish rugby players were found not-guilty of rape and they got sacked. Just last week, two Indian cricketers made lewd comments about women on TV and were hit with suspensions.

Yes, Scott was found not guilty.  And for many, the story ends there.

But we heard in that courtroom that Kuggleijn pressured the woman again and again and again to have sex with him. She told him no more than once, but he continued anyway, until she eventually caved to his demands

The next day, he texted her to say sorry for his behaviour and the mental harm he'd caused.

"I heard you felt you couldn't say no and were pressured into things. It's pretty chilling to hear and think of myself in that kind of light, but looking back I was pretty persistent," he'd said in the message.

"I'm so so sorry and it has made me think about a few things. I hope you are OK and I'm sorry for the harm mentally I have caused you."

Yes he left court a free man, but that woman will be traumatised for life.

I'm not saying Scott should lose his job; I firmly believe in the power of a second chance. But sport is a religion in our country.

So, I'm talking to you NZ Cricket: Kiwis listen to you. Our sons and daughters listen to you. You've got a responsibility to help lead the way.

I think you've dropped the ball here; silence may have been an option in the past, but it's not okay in 2019.

We've saved a seat for you: the chair right next to me in The Project studio. I'd love you to come here and tell us what we should tell our kids about why Scott is representing our national team.

Tell us what you guys are doing to face up to the stuff he got wrong.

Kanoa Lloyd is a host of The Project, airing every weeknight on Three at 7pm

NZ Cricket statement


"Scott Kuggeleijn was found not guilty of rape two years ago. Given the seriousness of the charges laid against him, our position has been to, 1) avoid re-litigating this matter through the media out of respect for all parties involved, and 2) to accept that the legal system is the most appropriate forum for judging matters as serious as this. This remains our position.

"Having said that, no-one in our organisation would condone some of the behaviours and observations discussed during the trials. In this regard, our annual intake of professional players are now taken through an NZCPA induction process that includes a comprehensive workshop on sexual harassment and consent, conducted by an independent expert."