Grove Road: The key people

Arthur Easton

Arthur was the father of five children. He had recently separated from his wife Angela, but they continued to raise their children together between their two homes.

Arthur was 52 years old when he was stabbed to death in his Papakura home on 13 October, 1985.

Brendan and Kim Easton

Arthur's sons were both at home the night their father was murdered. They fought with the intruder and received injuries - both were being tended to in an ambulance outside their home when they found out that their father had died.

You feel your house is safe and you know you can go there and have no-one bother you. When somebody comes in and does something, you don't feel safe anywhere

Alan Hall

Alan Hall was 24 years old when he was convicted of Arthur Easton's murder. He has always maintained his innocence.

I've learnt from personal experience not to trust the police. They are guilty in my book until proven innocent.

dark concrete background

Shirley Hall

Following the death of her husband Kelston in 1985 - just weeks before Arthur Easton was murdered - Shirley raised her six children alone.

She was fiercely protective of Alan, and never stopped fighting for him, until her death in 2012.

Thousands of people don't have alibis. It doesn't make them guilty of anything.

Greg and Geoff Hall

Alan's brothers both saw him on the night of the murder, and continue to fight to clear his name.

He was quiet and gentle. I think my grandfather described Alan as the sort of person that would walk around a sleeping cat rather than wake it.

Kelvin McMinn

Detective senior sergeant McMinn was the head of the Arthur Easton murder enquiry.

I think he's either a local resident or someone who knows Papakura. Someone must know who he is. Someone is harbouring him.

Bruce Hesketh

Detective constable Hesketh was assigned to the Arthur Easton enquiry on day one of the investigation.

One of his first duties was to interview the crucial eyewitness, 'Witness A'.

I certainly can recall the importance of what he saw - I always considered that was highly relevant to this case.

Witness A

In the minutes after Arthur Easton was murdered, Witness A saw a suspicious person run across Clevedon Road, and into the alleyway that connected Clevedon Road with Edmund Hillary Avenue.

The Crown would later argue that this person was most likely to be the man who murdered Arthur Easton.

I observed a male Maori person cross the road from Shirley Ave. This person got to the walkway, and started to run. He was continually looking over his shoulder.

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