The NerdsPLUS podcast: Tres Lonely Boys

  • 16/11/2018

This week we farewell industry legend Stan Lee, we welcome our guest host Mr Jordan Frost and we update you on the continuing dumpster fire that is Diablo Immortal in video game media.

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Most of the stuff we talked about this week

: Unquestionably, the world's STRONGEST fantasy manga.

When Marnie Was There: A Studio Ghibli classic that takes a sharp turn into the bizarre.

Papers Please: The most beautiful game about a low-level bureaucrat in a fascist state you'll ever play.

Next week's homework:

This War of Mine: The rare kind of game which focuses on the consequences of war instead of the combatants.

Paradigm: A point and click adventure ft. a mutant sloth who vomits candy, what more do you need from me.

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