NerdsPLUS podcast: Did Google just end the console wars?

NerdsPLUS podcast: Did Google just end the console wars?
Photo credit: Newshub.

NerdsPLUS is a weekly podcast with all the video games, anime, comics and petty arguments about fictional characters that you'll ever need.

This week, after a long hiatus we're back with a new host but same hot takes.

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Most of the stuff we talked about this week:


  • Stadia: Google has (partially) pulled back the curtain on their streaming service. Are the console wars over now? (probably)

  • Division 2: The most obviously political non-political game of all time  

  • Valve and their hands-off approach to content moderation

  • How goddam excellent Devotion is, if only people could buy it

  • The smoking sexy style Devil May Cry 5

  • Far Cry 5: New Dawn and the consistency of Ubisoft games

  • A new character in Dota 2 and Finn becomes literally gobsmacked at how much money and time his co-hosts have spent on that game.

Next week's homework:


  • Return of the Obra Dinn - Latest from indie darling Lucas Pope. Never has nautical insurance adjusting been so fun

  • Final Space - Netflix animated comedy that Jordan insists is revolutionary

  • Umbrella Academy - Because the one thing the Black Parade album was missing was super-powered teens