The Snack podcast: Launched into Orbit

  • 23/05/2019
The Snack podcast: Launched into Orbit
Photo credit: Newshub

Cloaking, zombie-ing, orbiting - what in the name of Tinder do these Millennial dating trends mean?

Having been told to please take their inappropriate conversations elsewhere, Newshub's Entertainment and Lifestyle Editors Mon Barton and Sarah Templeton attempt to find out in the first ever episode of The Snack podcast.


Sez explains why she remains Snapchat friends with a Bumble match that never eventuated IRL - and why her boyfriend's okay with it.

Mon reflects on whether or not she's been 'pocketed', and struggles with the do's and don'ts of how to be single. 

Sarah Templeton and Monika Barton host a magazine-style podcast talking all things love, relationships, dating and of course, sex.

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