The Man-Child podcast: Dad-hood

  • 25/09/2019

Everyone's relationship with their father is unique - each dad is setting their own example for their child to follow.

Through his podcast Man-Child, journalist Mike Wesley-Smith has spoken with a lot of different dads, in a lot of different circumstances.

In episode six - Dad-hood - he speaks to his father and his father-in-law about the models they followed, and meets a dad who has been a full-time parent to his children for more than 50 years.

Cliff Robinson was a steelworker working shifts when his wife left him and his two intellectually disabled children in 1970.

The prospect of caring for two disabled children was too much for her, Cliff says.

At first, it seemed too much for him, too, but almost half a century later, Cliff is in his 80s and is still a full-time dad and carer for John, 48, and Marita, 51.

The human bond is unbelievable.

Join Mike on his journey into fatherhood.

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