DHB pay increases not viable - King

  • 10/07/2015
Former health minister Annette King (Simon Wong/ 3 News)
Former health minister Annette King (Simon Wong/ 3 News)

Treasury budget documents show there isn't going to be enough money for health sector pay increases, Labour says.

Former health minister Annette King, now Labour's health spokeswoman, says district health boards haven't been given enough to cover wage increases for 40,000 staff whose contracts will soon be up for renegotiation.

"DHBs are already looking at a $141 million shortfall, and even a two per cent pay rise could cost $48m," she said on Friday.

"That means just one thing - cuts to health services or a pay freeze."

Ms King says the ministry didn't get as much as it wanted either - it put in for $150m and was given $76m.

The Treasury on Thursday released thousands of documents covering its pre-budget advice to the government and details of the decisions that were made before budget day on May 21.