Gay refugees abused, face arrest - Greens

Denise Roche (Simon Wong/3 News)
Denise Roche (Simon Wong/3 News)

There are concerns about the fate of gay refugees who are being resettled in countries where homosexuality is illegal.

A report from Human Rights Watch has found gay men at Australia's Manus Island detention centre are being assaulted and sexually abused.

Greens immigration spokeswoman Denise Roche says they also fear they could be sent to Papua New Guinea, where homosexuality is outlawed.

"These refugees will basically be put into a condition where they are very, very unsafe," she told RadioLIVE this morning.

Ms Roche says the Government here can't justify looking the other way.

"I have a Bill in the ballot at the moment which would increase the quota to 1000 refugees, which is a very modest approach that does have cross-party support – apart from National."

The current quota is 750, and has been that for more than two decades, placing New Zealand 87th in the world in terms of accepting refugees per capita.

Amnesty International wants it raised to 1500.

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