Labour gets lucky

  • 24/07/2015
Labour gets lucky

The Labour Party has had the luck of the draw in the latest members Bill ballot.

There were 69 Bills in the ballot on Thursday and all four drawn were drafted by Labour MPs.

They'll go on Parliament's agenda for a first reading.

Only one is likely to get any further than that - Sue Moroney's resurrected 26 weeks paid parental leave Bill.

She has the numbers to get it through, although the Government will almost certainly kill it with a financial veto.

Those that are unlikely to get through first readings are:

* Carmel Sepuloni's Bill to make social worker registration mandatory

* Phil Goff's Bill to force charter schools to teach the same curriculum as state schools

* Adrian Rurawhe's Bill to extend the Official Information Act to parliamentary under-secretaries - it targets ACT leader David Seymour.