Peters joins Little's crusade to change national anthem

  • 29/07/2015
Peters joins Little's crusade to change national anthem

Andrew Little's description of the national anthem as "a dirge" has struck a chord with at least one other party leader.

Winston Peters says he's never heard anyone singing it when they're happy.

The Labour leader said in parliament yesterday many people wanted to change the anthem "because they are sick of singing a dirge every time they turn up to a festive occasion".

He told reporters today he made the comment "because that's what a lot of Kiwis have said to me".

Mr Peters, the NZ First leader, agreed with him.

"I've never heard anyone singing our anthem when they're happy," he said.

"I've been to sporting events in Wales, Ireland and Scotland, and hours after the event they're still singing the anthems and it's fantastic."

He wasn't sure what he wanted to replace the anthem.

"I don't know, something that's memorable, stirring, that's got to do with where we are on the globe in the 21st century."