UK politician caught snorting 'cocaine with prostitutes'

  • 27/07/2015
Lord Sewell
Lord Sewell

A British politician has resigned after apparently being filmed snorting cocaine with two prostitutes.

Lord Sewell – who was the deputy speaker of the House of Lords, and in charge of upholding standards and ethics – was caught on camera by a tabloid newspaper stripping naked for the sordid sex party.

ITV's Romilly Weeks says the MP faces more than just a police investigation.

"One of the very great ironies of all this is that under rules that were only brought in earlier this month, and rules that Lord Sewell helped to draft, there are now stronger sanctions against peers who misbehave," she says. "Before they could be just suspended, now they can be permanently expelled."

The married peer is alleged to have snorted three lines of cocaine during the 45-minute session.

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