ACT pushes for bars to open for Rugby World Cup

  • 31/07/2015
ACT pushes for bars to open for Rugby World Cup

All Blacks fans worried about whether they'll be able to head down to the pub to watch Rugby World Cup matches may have an unlikely ally in ACT leader David Seymour.

Mr Seymour wants to introduce a Bill to Parliament to let bars and function rooms open to screen games throughout the tournament, which is being held in the UK.

The time zone difference means most games will screen in the early morning - outside the normal hours bars are legally allowed to open.

Bar owners can apply for special licences, but Mr Seymour says they shouldn't have to jump through "all sorts of ridiculous nanny state hoops".

"For such an important one-off event as a Rugby World Cup on the other side of the world, outside our time zone, I think sports enthusiasts should be able to celebrate the occasion in the same way they would if these matches were within normal New Zealand hours," he said.

When Parliament sits again on August 11, Mr Seymour says he'll seek leave to table a short Bill allowing bars and function rooms to open for the Rugby World Cup.

If the motion is accepted, he will ask Prime Minister John Key to advance it as a government Bill.