Coleman: No 'wholesale change' to DHB structure

  • 28/07/2015
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman (Taylor Sincock)
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman (Taylor Sincock)

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has ruled out making "wholesale changes" to the district health board structure.

Dr Coleman says a shake-up of how DHBs and run and funded isn't "anywhere near" the top of his list of priorities.

He also hasn't considered putting more government appointees on DHBs, at the expense of elected members.

"I think that democracy is really important because in the end you're providing services for the community, so it's really important the community has input to that," Dr Coleman told reporters today.

"I don't see any change to the current arrangements occurring - that would be a debate well down our list of priorities."

The assertion comes amid further media reports that changes to the way DHBs are funded are being mulled.

Radio New Zealand has obtained a leaked document which details proposals to make DHB funding more competitive.

Yesterday, Radio New Zealand revealed details about a report, commissioned by the director-general of health, that proposed slashing elected positions on DHBs.

Prime Minister John Key said he didn't think the Government would be advancing that idea.