Colin Craig counter-sued by Jordan Williams

  • 14/08/2015
Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig (Getty)
Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig (Getty)

There's yet another twist in the Conservative Party saga.

As former leader Colin Craig sues Jordan Williams from the Taxpayers' Union for $300,000, Mr Williams has now filed a defamation suit against Mr Craig for three times that amount.

Mr Williams claims Mr Craig defamed him with statements he made at a media conference last month.

Two others – Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater and Conservative Party board member John Stringer have also had defamation suits filed against them from Mr Craig for differing amounts of money.

At the press conference on July 29, Mr Craig produced a booklet laying out his claims against the three he says are part of a "coordinated attack on him".

Earlier this month, Mr Stringer claimed Mr Craig left out expenses on his 2014 electoral return which if reported would have put him over the spending cap by around $2000.

Mr Craig has denied the assertion, calling them "false allegations".

Mr Craig's role as leader appeared to start unravelling following an interview he did in a sauna with TV3's Newsworthy programme.

A mass resignation of board members followed as well as allegations of inappropriate conduct with his former press secretary who resigned days before last year's election.

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