Colin Craig 'dreaming' with defamation figures - Stringer

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig (Getty)
Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig (Getty)

John Stringer is at a loss to explain how former Conservative Party leader, Colin Craig, came up with the six-figure sum he's seeking for alleged defamation.

The former party board member received legal papers from Mr Craig's lawyers Chapman Tripp last night via email.

They allege Mr Stringer defamed Mr Craig over claims of sexual harassment against former press secretary Rachel McGregor and he's seeking $600,000.

Mr Craig is also taking WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater and Taxpayers Union executive directors Jordan Williams to court.

"I think its dreamland stuff. I think he just dreamed it up. I am a little bit miffed that Cameron Slater is $50,000 more bad than I am. I just think he's just plucked those figures out of the air," Mr Stringer says.

Mr Stringer has also revealed he's likely to counter-sue Mr Craig.