EQC under fire for sub-standard repairs

(Photo: 3 News)
(Photo: 3 News)

The blame game has started over sub-standard repairs to house foundations damaged in Christchurch's earthquakes.

An internal investigation has found a number are not up to the building code, forcing the Earthquake Commission (EQC) to review the thousands of repairs already completed and signed off.

Homeowners Donovan and Melissa Ryan are unimpressed with EQC, as the foundation repairs to their home are crumbling to pieces.

Their turn-of-the-century villa has been scoped, repaired and signed off by fletchers, but Mr Ryan says it's still not good enough.

"It's munted. Its rubble cracked and it is worse than it was pre-quake."

Under the floors the cracks in the foundation are still there, they haven't been repaired at all; it's just a cosmetic patch.

All the work under the house shows signs of problems that could have been hidden away for years.

The couple have commissioned an engineer and engaged lawyers, but EQC is refusing to accept there are any problems.

"EQC are still maintaining that this is a correct type of repair for foundations like ours," Ms Ryan says.

That could change after Gerry Brownlee ordered the EQC to review all its underfloor repairs.

"We want it fixed there is no question there. And the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment will then look at what remedies they have under the Licenced Building Practitioners legislation to take some form of action against the building practitioners who have done a bad job."

Ms Ryan says she is certain somebody at the EQC knew what they were doing was wrong, and maintained their solution was appropriate.

And so the blame game begins, and the question is – will the EQC be able to get out of this one?

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