Govt could pick up Rugby World Cup Bill


The ACT Party's sole MP David Seymour wants Parliament to change the law so pubs can open and serve alcohol during the Rugby World Cup that starts next month.

But his plan was blocked by the Greens and he has labelled them party poopers.

Alistair Boyce runs the Backbencher pub.

He wants a favour from the politicians: let him serve alcohol when the World Cup is on.

"If someone wants to buy a beer and have a beer in controlled premises - well let them, like no problem," he says.

But there is a problem.

Under current law, pubs must close between 4am and 8am.

That means pubs are shut for 25 out of 48 World Cup games, including four All Black pool games, and the final match.

Although bars can apply for special licenses, it can be a headache.

Mr Seymour is proposing a law change so pubs can open for World Cup games, as well as an hour before and after, as long as they close for two hours during the day.

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