NZ First: Brownlee must go

  • 21/08/2015
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee (Simon Wong)
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee (Simon Wong)

NZ First is calling for Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee's resignation over shoddy repairs to Christchurch homes.

The EQC on Wednesday said it would put them right after a random survey found more than a third carried out through Canterbury home-repair programmes were non-compliant.

The survey by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment found, of 90 homes checked, only 35 were fully compliant, while 32 were not and another 23 had minor defects.

Earthquake Commission chief executive Ian Simpson said about 1200 houses may need to be made compliant, based on the results, although repairs would be done at no expense to homeowners.

NZ First's deputy leader, Ron Mark, says Mr Brownlee must take full responsibility.

"The minister allowed a free for all by not putting the checks and balances in place," Mr Mark said.

"That was despite warnings that all types of fraud could occur during the earthquake rebuild."

He wants Prime Minister John Key to put "a competent minister" in charge.

Mr Brownlee says the work needed for repairs is minor.

"It's going to be paid for by either the contractors who failed to do it properly or the EQC will pick up the tab," he said.

No life or safety-threatening issues were found during the inspections which were carried out between March and June.