PSA: Poor workplace culture needs to be fixed

  • 14/08/2015
PSA: Poor workplace culture needs to be fixed

Poor workplace culture is taking its toll on the public service where almost a third of staff quit within the first year, the Public Service Association says.

The Treasury's fifth report on the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of administration and support services in the 26 public sector agencies showed about 70 percent of new hires were being retained in the same role after a year.

It's slightly better than last year, but still well down on the international benchmark of retaining 92 percent of new hires after a year.

The PSA says the report shows the government needs to "wake up" and start putting serious effort into improving workplace culture.

"High staff turnover leads to reduced morale, less experience and higher costs for continuous recruitment," PSA's national secretary Erin Polaczuk says.

"Good workplace culture means everybody wins - workers are happier, they produce better work and agencies save money."

PSA is inviting State Services Minister Paula Bennett to work with it on improving the culture within the public service.