Sport drone camera not a privacy breach

  • 16/08/2015
Sport drone camera not a privacy breach

Sky TV didn't breach the privacy code when it sent a drone-mounted camera into the air above some residential properties, the Privacy Commission has found.

A drone carrying a camera flew within 10 metres of a man's apartment while it was filming a cricket match, causing the resident to become and angry and give the drone "the fingers".

The man reported the incident to the Privacy Commission, prompting the first inquiry into a drone complaint.

Sky TV said it wasn't broadcasting the whole time, and didn't view any footage of the complainant or his property.

It did film two women on their balcony - but this was done with their consent, Sky TV said.

The commission's investigation found there was no breach of the Privacy Act because Sky TV had not collected any personal information about the complainant.

New Civil Aviation Authority rules came into effect this month requiring drone owners to request permission to take-off when they want to fly them outside their own property.