TPPA could come at cost for Govt on poll day

  • 16/08/2015

The Government could end up paying for the Trans Pacific Partnership at the polling booth if it doesn't walk away from the "rotten deal", a protest group says.

More than 25,000 people turned out to 21 centres around the country yesterday afternoon to protest the proposed deal, anti-TPP group It's Our Future said.

Group spokesman Edward Miller said Trade Minister Tim Groser had called opponents "politically irrelevant" - but thousands had taken to the streets demanding the government ditch the "toxic deal".

"Kiwis will continue to oppose this agreement. We will not stand for having our democracy sold out to foreign investors and multinational corporations," he said.

"If the government has any sense it will walk away from this rotten deal right now, or pay for it in the polling booth."

Labour's already said it won't back the deal if it undermines our sovereignty.

The most recent round of TPP talks in Hawaii failed to net a final agreement, but trade ministers from the 12 countries have said they're still confident a deal can be reached.