UK politician Lord Sewel photographed in orange bra and leather jacket

  • 28/07/2015
Lord Sewel (The Sun)
Lord Sewel (The Sun)

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants disgraced politician Lord Sewel kicked out of the House of Lords.

Photos emerged of Lord Sewel apparently snorting cocaine while cavorting with prostitutes, and more embarrassing photos appear to show him wearing an orange bra and leather jacket.

3 News Europe correspondent Melissa Davies says it doesn't stop there.

"He's also being filmed talk about the Prime Minister, David Cameron, saying that he's facile, he's false, superficial," she says. "That hasn't really done him any favours in terms of David Cameron's response."

Lord Sewel has resigned from his posts, but not as a lord, which means he can still claim up to £300 (NZ$700) in allowances each day.

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