Auckland Council defends ticketing regime

  • 27/09/2015
Auckland Council defends ticketing regime

Auckland's parking wardens issued nearly $1 million worth of parking tickets in the wee small hours over the last year.

Auckland Council is defending its ticketing regime from a revenue-gathering accusation after it issued 12,000 tickets between midnight and 6am, raising $914,724, the Herald on Sunday reports.

The council has 10 parking wardens who work until 3am, compared to Wellington's one on-call warden at a similar time and none in Christchurch.

Auckland Transport says tickets issued before 6am are only expected to account for 3 per cent of revenue, and the tickets were primarily issued for parking on yellow lines, double parking and blocking entrances.

Mayor Len Brown told the paper late-night tickets were "generally the result of complaints" and it was difficult to argue wardens were revenue gathering when AT had lowered revenue targets.

The accusation of revenue-gathering came after 27 tickets for parking on the kerb were issued at 2am on narrow streets in the suburb of Orakei last month. The council eventually wiped the fines after a protest from residents.