CYF overhaul won't mean outsourcing – Tolley

  • 24/09/2015
Social Development Minister Anne Tolley (File)
Social Development Minister Anne Tolley (File)

An interim report detailing a radical overhaul of Child, Youth, and Family will be released by the Social Development Minister today.

The long-awaited report is the latest in a string of inquires that recommend the state welfare system be changed to reduce New Zealand's high level of child abuse.

Anne Tolley says it's not the final report, but it will show the direction the Government wants to take.

She has also poured cold water on speculation all services will be handed over to non-Government agencies, saying that while there will be dramatic changes, it won't include the wholesale outsourcing of services.

"I wouldn't expect that there would be much change in who's delivering the services, but more focus on what are the results on those services, and how effective are they for those families."

Currently, around $80 million of services are outsourced every year.

The report will be released just before 9am.