English: Parental leave Bill will be vetoed

  • 17/09/2015
Finance Minister Bill English (Simon Wong/3 News)
Finance Minister Bill English (Simon Wong/3 News)

Another attempt to get six months paid parental leave looks set to fall at the final hurdle again, despite passing its first reading last night.

Labour's Sue Moroney is trying again to extend paid leave to six months, after her last try was defeated at the final hurdle.

Finance Minister Bill English has confirmed he will use his veto to prevent the Bill from going ahead.

"We've got legislation in the process to put in place the Government policy, which is actually a better policy than the opposition one," Mr English says. "If the Opposition Bill gets the third reading we'll veto it."

Mr English says the country cannot afford the extended leave that Ms Moroney is suggesting.

National has extended paid parental leave from 14 to 16 weeks, and it will go to 18 weeks next year.


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