Final 4 NZ flag designs face a fierce fight

  • 02/09/2015

An online poll agrees with two of the four national flag choices the Government's flag consideration panel has picked to run up the pole.

The UMR survey found two of the four alternative flags to the current ensign unveiled by the panel yesterday were also the public's top two choices.

But all four designs face an uphill banner to oust the Union Jack.

More than 50 percent of the 1000 adults who took part in the survey had Melbourne-based architectural designer Kyle Lockwood's two different colour variations of the same design - featuring both a silver fern and the Southern Cross - in their top four selections.

However, the panel's other two final four choices were not as well received by the public.

The black and white silver fern designed by Alofi Kanter failed to enchant New Zealanders, coming in 14th in the UMR rankings, while the koru by Andrew Fyfe fared even worse, at 33rd.

Whichever flag gets the nod at the November referendum, it faces an uphill battle to supplant the current Union Jack emblazoned ensign.

Just shy of half of New Zealanders voters prefer the current flag, with 52 percent of the public wanting to change to their preferred design.

"For many of the 52 percent, of course, the final run-off will not be between the current flag and their preferred option," UMR notes.