Fixes underway for 'loopy rules'

Fixes underway for 'loopy rules'

Allowing builders to certify their own work is one of several ideas the Government's rules reduction taskforce has come up with to speed up construction work.

It's one of the "top 10 fixes" in a report released today, commissioned by Local Government Minister Paula Bennett.

The taskforce concluded the Building Act, Resource Management Act and Health and Safety in Employment Act were all sources of annoying rules.

It says building consents should be easier to get, and progressive consents could be used so work can begin sooner.

"Work towards builders certifying their own work so as to deal with liability pressures on councils," is one of the suggested fixes.

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith says the taskforce has recommended important changes and he hopes to have some specific proposals worked out by December.

"I think there is some work for which it is appropriate for builders to sign off their own work, in the same way electricians sign off theirs," he told reporters.

Ms Bennett says the report outlines practical opportunities for government departments and local councils to improve their customer service.

"We have listened to New Zealanders and the message is clear: there are too many frustrating rules and regulations, and too many are being applied inconsistently, and it is holding our communities back," she said.

Over the next few weeks, government ministers will be working with their departments to progress the quick fixes.