Flag conspiracy gets Kiwis curious

  • 02/09/2015

The conspiracy theories have already started rolling in about the alternative flag options.

The four on the shortlist were announced yesterday, but some are saying the new flag has already been selected, and the theory is making its way around the world.

A set of plastic plates have emerged with a logo that looks almost identical to one of the proposed flags. Is it a branding coincidence, or is it something more sinister?

This has people talking about the likelihood of the flag design already being chosen, well before even the first referendum.

But it isn't all conspiracy; some are just criticising the designs.

So far the 'Koru' design has its own Twitter account, dubbed Hypnoflag, and it has also been compared to the backend of a monkey.

Auckland designer Otis Frizzell says he is flabbergasted two designs with a fern and the Southern Cross almost look identical, but he doesn't like any of the final four.

Those who share the view are saying that's reason to skew the vote and support the 'Koru', because it's least likely to win against the current flag.

The Electoral Commission confirmed that even if only one person votes for one of these flags, then that is enough for it to go to the deciding round against the current flag next March.

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