Govt 'all talk, no action' on electric Crown cars - Greens

Govt 'all talk, no action' on electric Crown cars - Greens

The Government is sticking with BMW as the supplier of its brand new fleet of Crown cars.

The 32 new limousines will be leased to replace most of the current fleet bought in 2011 – but Opposition parties say it's a wasted opportunity to go green.

The 2016 BMW 7 series promises a "new form of luxury" in its promotional video.

Motoring analyst Dave Moore test drove one at its New York launch this month.

"This one happens to be one of the most efficient luxury cars you can buy, and it needs to be luxury if they're going to be working," says Mr Moore.

Nine vehicles were evaluated and three were shortlisted – the Government won't disclose the other two but all were diesel engines.

It says the new version has increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions than the current BMWs.

The Greens were hoping for an electric vehicle like the Tesla.

"It's really disappointing," says transport spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter. "It's another example of the Government being all talk and no action when it comes to electric cars."

"At some point you've got to think the Government will bite the bullet and go for electric cars," says Labour leader Andrew Little – although it won't stop him from using the new cars.

"I do use them occasionally and I will continue to use them occasionally," he says.

The Government won't reveal the cost of the BMW deal but says it opted to lease the vehicles this time, to ensure taxpayers got the best value for money.

While it's only leasing the cars the Government is still be getting preferential treatment. The first of the new Crown cars will arrive before Christmas – months before they go on sale to the general public in New Zealand.

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