Growing support for Red Peak flag design

Growing support for Red Peak flag design

By Jacob Brown

The debate on whether we get a new flag has ramped up over the past week, after the Flag Consideration Panel revealed its four options to choose from.

But they haven't found favour with everyone, and support is now growing for one design that never made the shortlist.

Since the four flags were unveiled this week, they've dominated public conversation, and most of it has been negative.

But one that didn't make the shortlist is generating a conversation of its own, and it's positive.

Support for the Red Peak flag design is rising, especially on social media.

Nearly 7000 people have put their names to a petition calling for it to be added to the shortlist. It's even finding favour with people who don't want to change the flag at all.

Labour Leader Andrew Little has previously said he won't vote for any of the four shortlisted options, but even he's taken by the Red Peak design.

The response has overwhelmed the flag's designer, Melbourne-based Aaron Dustin.

Speaking to 3 News today, he said he's never seen so many people unite behind a new form of New Zealand identity, and people connecting with it shows the beginnings of a real flag.

But don't expect Red Peak to make a wildcard entry. Moves to include it would require an urgent change to legislation, and that's unlikely.

With Cabinet already signing off on the official designs, they will be the only options when the referendum begins in November.

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