Joyce interjection causes Parliament row

  • 11/09/2015
Steven Joyce (Simon Wong/3 News)
Steven Joyce (Simon Wong/3 News)

Sweet pea or sweary bear?

Whatever, Steven Joyce's interjection caused a row in Parliament yesterday.

NZ First's Tracey Martin thought Mr Joyce had called out "sweet pea" while her colleague Ria Bond was speaking.

This seriously upset her and she asked Speaker David Carter to deal with the cabinet minister's sexist comment.

Mr Joyce was quickly on his feet.

"I didn't say that, I was calling Ron Mark a sweary bear - I've called him that before," he explained.

That was in response to the NZ First deputy leader apparently calling a National MP a jerk.

Mr Mark has previously had to apologise after microphones picked up his "shut the f*** up" comment.

Mr Carter ticked them all off for "unparliamentary language" and said he was going to listen to the tape before deciding whether to take it any further.