Key fine with EQC spending $68M on travel

  • 01/09/2015
Prime Minister John Key (File)
Prime Minister John Key (File)

Prime Minister John Key doesn't have a problem with the Earthquake Commission spending $68 million on travel-related expenses since the 2010 Christchurch quakes.

Documents show the total included $38m on accommodation and food, nearly $20m on vehicles, $8.2m on airfares and nearly $1m on taxis and parking costs, Fairfax is reporting.

Mr Key says the Christchurch quakes put enormous pressure on EQC.

"It had less than 30 employees in Christchurch before the quakes and well over 1000 after them," he told reporters on Tuesday.

"There was probably a whole lot of people commuting in and out the city, people travelling for recruiting, those sorts of things."

Mr Key says it would have been a lot of money without the Christchurch quakes "but given the scale of the calamity it's probably realistic".