Key: Flag poll question 'not sophisticated'

  • 21/09/2015
John Key (Simon Wong/3 News)
John Key (Simon Wong/3 News)

John Key is unfazed by poll results showing most Kiwis don't want a new flag, saying the survey question was too simplistic.

The latest 3 News-Reid Research poll found 69 percent of those surveyed want to keep the current flag, now that they have seen the final four alternative designs.

Support for a change sits at 25 percent, while 6 percent don't know.

Questioned about the result on the Paul Henry programme this morning, the Prime Minister said the opinion poll's result didn't reflect the true number of New Zealanders still open to a flag change.

"It's, with the greatest respect, not a terribly sophisticated question. It's yes or no question but within all of those numbers there will be some people who will say they will never change and others who say they'll never change but if... you press them they might change," he says.

He says one opinion poll questioning 1000 people would not prompt him to give up on his flag-changing quest.

"When we embarked on this project there were a huge amount of people saying they think this is worthy of debate, so don't give up yet. There's a long way to go."

Mr Key also acknowledged it was always going to be a "hard slog" to change a flag via public referendum.

Meanwhile, the poll showed support for most political parties remains steady.

National is at 47.3 percent, while Labour is up almost two percent to 33 percent.

The Greens are down 1.4 percent to 10 percent.

The next highest polling party is NZ First on 7.9 percent.