Key's hit it right on refugees - Gower

  • 09/09/2015

The Government has blocked a Green Party Bill to increase our refugee quota to 1000.

It comes after the Prime Minister announced plans to take an additional 600 Syrian refugees over the next few years over and above the quota.

A week ago, John Key shrugged his shoulders when asked about increasing the refugee quota, and quickly found himself on the wrong side of public opinion.

Forever looking for the centre vote, Mr Key hasn't satisfied everyone but has now caught himself on the right side of public opinion where he needs to be - if not a little late.

3 News political editor Patrick Gower says Mr Key has now bought himself time by blocking the Greens' Bill before the refugee quota is reviewed next year.

He spoke to Paul Henry this morning to discuss the refugee crisis, the Red Peak flag and Winston Peters' latest controversial comments.

Watch the video for the full interview.