NZ ends presidency of UN Security Council on a high

(3 News)
(3 News)

New Zealand's month as president of the United Nations Security Council ended today, and during that time New Zealand secured a big boost to the economy.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully passed the Iran nuclear deal, which means sanctions will be lifted and Iran will be able to resume buying Kiwi lamb.

The deal will boost Iran's economy by more than $100 billion, but there are concerns around Iran's spending habits – for example, their funding of terrorists and their abysmal human rights record.

Mr McCully played down concerns and emphasised the potential gains for New Zealand companies.

"We approach these things on the basis that if we're able to with other countries and trade with them, we're better able to influence them."

He says the ultimate goal is to persuade Iran to stop beheading people and stop funding terrorist organisations, but admits that is "not within a week or two, but I think that is the impact".

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