Opinion: Winston rocks a 27-year-old suit

Winston Peters in his almost 30-year-old suit
Winston Peters in his almost 30-year-old suit

Winston Peters has taken vintage fashion to an all new level by rocking a 27-year-old suit around Parliament.

Inquiries by 3 News have found the distinctive "new" grey suit Peters is wearing is not new at all - in fact, like him, it's ancient.

The New Zealand First leader says he purchased the suit on Oxford St in London in 1987/88.

"I was walking down the street, saw it in a shop window and said to myself 'I've got to have that suit'," the 70-year-old says.

Peters, then a sprightly 43-year-old National MP, says he was in London on a "young leaders' course".

Peters has kept the suit in his wardrobe since those days and recently pulled it out "after losing a little bit of weight".

He has proudly worn the suit to Parliament for the past two days in a row.

Peters says the suit was an "absolute bargain", costing the equivalent of NZ$55 at the time. (An inflation calculator tells us at that price the suit would still be a bargain today, costing just $67 - so maybe there is a little bit of the "Winston magic" added to this claim).

"Luigi" Peters is renowned for his sartorial elegance so you know it is a big call when he says "this is one of my favourite suits".

When I initially saw the suit I thought of President Barack Obama's infamous tan suit - which Esquire called "the worst suit in Presidential history".

However, Peters' suit has grown on me and I have some respect for the sheer audacity he has shown in wearing such an old suit.

I hate to admit this, but like Peters himself, his 27-year-old suit has stood the test of time.

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