Red Peak brings political deadlock

Red Peak brings political deadlock

The Red Peak Flag debate turned into mischief-making in Parliament today.

Prime Minister John Key and Labour leader Andrew Little are even prepared to sit down over a cuppa to thrash out a deal to include Red Peak in the upcoming referendum.

The flag is dividing Parliament.

There are those that hate it, those who don't know what to think and those who love it.

And then there are the Greens. Its MPs flew the flag in Parliament, with co-leader James Shaw even wearing a Red Peak tie.

But Red Peak could be nothing more than a tie.

It isn't included in the final four designs to be voted on in November, despite large support on social media and a 50,000-signature petition arriving at Parliament today.

Mr Key says he will include Red Peak if Labour supports a law change to allow five flags, but they must support the flag-change process.

While Labour agrees to the first condition, it won't support the process.

It says the Government should first have a vote on whether to change the flag.

"If you want to have five, I'm happy to have five if Labour want to play the game," Mr Key says.

"It's him who is playing politics and games, not me," Mr Little retorted.

But all is not lost for Red Peak; there is still a slim chance.

Both leaders are prepared to meet each other over a cup of tea to try and thrash out a deal, but odds are that won't happen.

The truth is Mr Key doesn't like Red Peak one little bit.

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