Tolley: CYF shake-up will be 'radical'

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley (File)
Social Development Minister Anne Tolley (File)

A radical overhaul of Child, Youth, and Family has been recommended by an in-depth review by state-sector fix-it expert Paula Rebstock.

She has been examining the system over the last few months, and has given her finding to Social Development Minister Anne Tolley.

Ms Tolley says it is a significant and radical restructure and it will affect the roles of all staff.

"I can't see that we're going to have a massive change in the numbers, but we might have in some places a different mix of staff," she says.

While Ms Tolley will not say what is in the report, she admits the changes are "radical" and that the current system does not support the staff.

"We have some very dedicated staff, who work really hard," she says. "The system doesn't support them well to do the job that we ask of them."

The proposal will be presented to Cabinet before December. If the overhaul is approved, implementation will begin next year.