TPPA protesters target Key's Kumeu office

  • 09/09/2015
TPPA protesters target Key's Kumeu office

Prime Minister John Key says he doesn't like his electorate office staff being targeted by protesters.

One woman member of a group opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is reported to have been arrested at his Kumeu office and three trespassed after they occupied it this morning.

They said they were protesting against the secrecy that surrounds the free trade agreement negotiations.

"If they've got a beef about TPP, they can take it up with me," Mr Key told reporters in Papua New Guinea where he's attending a Pacific Islands Forum.

"I have two electorate agents who work very hard to support my constituents. I'd just hate to get a sense that they were frightened or intimidated."

Mr Key says he doesn't have any details about what took place.

"But if someone had to be arrested, that's taking it a bit far."