Fireworks season prompts fire safety recap


Auckland City Council is urging its residents to put safety first and look for a public fireworks display this year during Guy Fawkes.

Fireworks were banned on beaches and parks in 2013, but can still be set off on private property and at public events.

Since the ban, there have been no fire callouts in Auckland public facilities, but the risk fireworks pose outside of public displays is still prevalent.

Auckland Council principal rural fire officer Bryan Cartelle says with windy conditions forecast, it's the perfect conditions for accidents to happen.

"Auckland is experiencing changeable and windy weather, which increases the fire risk. With Guy Fawkes around the corner, it's a timely reminder to take care when using fireworks or having bonfires at home."

Guy Fawkes can also be a stressful time for pets and Animal Management officers, with some pets running away from home after being startled by the sound.

Last year during fireworks season shelters were at capacity, and some pets were injured in their determined dash away from the noise.

Chair of Auckland Council's Community Development and Safety Committee, Cathy Casey, says owners of animals need to brainstorm ways they can minimise the impact of Guy Fawkes on their pets.

"Please remember that your pets need your reassurance, and if you cannot stay home with them, ensure they are safe and very well confined."

Members of the public are asked to call (09) 301 0101 if they have any trouble with lost pets, or emergency services if a private backyard display gets out of control.

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