Govt looks for ways to recycle tyres

  • 26/10/2015
Tyres (iStock)
Tyres (iStock)

The Government is looking to businesses to come up with ways to recycle four million end-of-life tyres that are generated in New Zealand every year.

Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith has announced the current Waste Minimisation Fund to target end-of-life tyres, allowing bids from businesses that have the technology and skills to create a practical use for tyres that go to waste.

He says 1 million tyres are re-exported for material recovery and waste energy, and 3 million go to the landfill.

"I'm concerned that we have got tens of thousands, even millions of tyres that end up just getting dumped in our rivers, around our lakes, and our lagoons. That is quite offensive to New Zealand's clean, green brand."

Dr Smith suggests using tyres as a source of fuel in cement kilns and power stations.

The Government's Waste Minimisation Fund, created in 2009, is funded by a levy that is charged on waste disposed of at landfills, of $10 per tonne.

The funding round will close on November 11.

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