Healthy homes Bill delay 'political interference'

  • 15/10/2015

Labour's Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill won't come up for its first reading this year, although it's been drawn from the ballot.

Speaker David Carter says it's similar to a previous Bill that was defeated earlier this year, and shouldn't have been accepted for the ballot in the first place.

Mr Carter has decided that if the Bill comes up for its first reading this year, he will rule it out.

If it doesn't, he will allow it to be debated next year.

Mr Carter says there are so many Bills on the order paper, it's very unlikely to find a slot this year anyway.

The Bill, in Labour leader Andrew Little's name, would ensure every rental home meets minimum standards of heating and insulation.

It was one of four drawn from the ballot today.

Mr Little says Mr Carter's decision "smacks of political interference".

"Children are dying in cold damp homes, my health homes Bill offers solutions to this national disgrace now," he said.

"But instead of helping to push the legislation through quickly, National has clearly had a word in the Speaker's ear, leading him to make an unprecedented decision to stop the Bill being read this year."

Mr Little says his Bill is substantially different to the one that was defeated, and shouldn't have fallen foul of the rule that says similar Bills can't be presented in the same year.

"It's clear National wanted to stop my Bill before it was read."