John Oliver hails John Key interview as 'greatest of all time'

John Oliver hails John Key interview as 'greatest of all time'

John Key has invited John Oliver to New Zealand after the British comedian made fun of him on his TV show.

On his show Last Week Tonight, Oliver hailed a recent radio interview with Mr Key as the "single greatest political interview of all time".

The Prime Minister was taking part in the 'Thank You For Your Honesty' segment on Hauraki's breakfast show with Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells and Laura McGoldrick when he was asked a series of personal questions.

The rules of the game state guests must answer the questions truthfully, with Mr Key not shying away from the prying inquiries.

"If you're thinking they might have gone easy on him, they did not," Oliver said on his show.

The hosts started out relatively easy, with Heath asking Mr Key if he had been "drunk, tipsy or twangered in the past month", to which the Prime Minister said he had not.

He was then asked some tougher questions spanning religion, personal hygiene and theft.

The interview revealed Mr Key did not believe the Virgin Mary was really a virgin, did not trim his "downstairs" and had "done wees" in the shower.

"I don't know what I love the most there. The fact he felt qualified to weigh in on the Virgin Mary, the fact he confessed to theft and shower urination, or his admission that he does not trim his pubic hair," Oliver said.

Admiring his honestly, Oliver only took issue with Mr Key's denial he had ever sent a dick pic.

"I actually think the only time he might have lied was during the 'dick pic' question, because of course he has sent one, and I'll tell you why – when you are Prime Minister John Key every pic is a dick pic."

Speaking to reporters today, Mr Key said if Oliver was so interested in political interviews here he should visit Wellington.

"He seems to have a great fascination…he is describing that as the greatest political interview of all time and I reckon if he enjoys it so much he should come down and be part of a post-Cabinet press conference, I mean they're just a riot."

Mr Key said he doesn't listen to Hauraki so had no idea what sort of questions were coming.

When asked why he answered the questions he said, "well I don't know, what do you do?"

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