Justice Minister working on changes

  • 02/10/2015
Justice Minister Amy Adams (Simon Wong/3 News)
Justice Minister Amy Adams (Simon Wong/3 News)

Justice Minister Amy Adams says she'll take steps to ensure there's no way serious offenders are able to travel the way Phillip John Smith did.

The convicted murderer and child molester was able to obtain a passport and fly to South America while on temporary release from prison.

An inquiry report released yesterday found numerous failings in justice agency systems and recommended a raft of changes.

Ms Adams says she's working on it.

"They certainly lose their rights to travel and I'm going to take the necessary steps to make sure they can't travel," she said on Radio New Zealand this morning

The report found there was a serious lack of information sharing between the agencies, and Ms Adams is looking at that as well.

She says there's always "a chorus of outrage from privacy hawks" whenever information sharing is raised.

"But I have a view that government departments need to put public safety ahead of individual privacy concerns and I want to move the law in that direction."