Labour's charter school Bill quashed

  • 15/10/2015
Phil Goff (3 News / Simon Wong)
Phil Goff (3 News / Simon Wong)

A Labour Party attempt to force charter schools to basically follow the same curriculum as state schools has failed.

Phil Goff drafted the Member's Bill, arguing it was needed to ensure charter school students were taught a "broad and balanced" curriculum.

Charter schools can devise their own teaching programmes based on what they consider to be the needs of their students.

Mr Goff said the New Zealand Curriculum was recognised as one of the best in the world.

"What this country does not need is some children in our schooling system to be subject to a narrow curriculum," he said during the first reading debate on his Bill.

Charter schools are an ACT initiative and party leader David Seymour said they needed flexibility to teach students who hadn't succeeded in the state system.

He said that with one exception, charter schools were performing at least slightly above average and in some cases well above expectations.

Mr Seymour suggested Mr Goff's Bill was "simply a stunt".

Labour and the teacher unions strongly oppose charter schools

The Bill was defeated by 62 votes to 59.