McCully comes out swinging at UN Security Council

  • 01/10/2015
Foreign Minister Murray McCully (Reuters)
Foreign Minister Murray McCully (Reuters)

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has again criticised the United Nations Security Council for its failure to resolve conflict.

Speaking at a council meeting of foreign ministers, Mr McCully focused on the war in Syria and said the intransigence of the United States and Russia was symbolic of the mistrust that plagues the council.

"We do not welcome the fact that today we will pass no resolution... we will not stop the fighting," he's reported to have said.

"Sadly this is symbolic of the dysfunction and mistrust that has characterised this council's performance on Syria and too many of the conflict that rage in the region."

Mr McCully made a similar speech to the council when New Zealand won one of its non-permanent seats in October last year.

Prime Minister John Key is expected to voice similar criticism and call for reform of the council when he delivers New Zealand's statement to the UN General Assembly on Friday.